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Creativity in Business

ESP 103 plays an important role for FSB students. It makes design thinking, innovation and creativity come into the business setting and tells people with any background the importance of utilizing them in their work.

Our goal in Arts management is to effectively communicate that anyone at any age or any background can be creative. So when I was assigned to discover the creativity, innovation and design thinking, ESP 103 comes to my mind first. My major is ISA at Farmer School of Business. With this major, I have not had the opportunity to experience much “creativity” until I took ESP 103. This course finally brought creativity and innovation to my major. Excited about this, I decided to interview an ESP student and talk more about creativity, innovation and design thinking to then share with my Arts Management class.

BQ is the first-year integrated core courses for FSB students. One of those course is ESP 103 which is about “Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking”. Students will be introduced to a number of tools, concepts and approaches including human-centered design, ideation techniques. It also introduces the importance of embracing ambiguity, personal responsibility and the place of risk and fail in entrepreneurship, creativity and life. The class is highly interactive and experiential. The course is highly overlapping with many of arts management’s values, and I was interested in seeing the different perspectives of how people learn and teach Creativity, Innovation, & Design Thinking.

Last week, I had an opportunity to interview a student who took this class last semester. Now, she is the UA of ESP103 this semester. Her name is Ashley and she is majoring in Finance. I wanted to interview her because she is being exposed to this class twice, once as a student and again as an assistant, which means her knowledge for the concepts learned in the class are strong.

Jieyu: Why are creativity and innovation important to business students?

Ashley: Nowadays the progress of the society need to economic development and economic development cannot leave the commercial development. Meanwhile, commercial development cannot leave the innovation. So as a business school student, creative ability is very important.

J: Do you have any change on your study or life after taking the class?

A: After studied landscaping, for example, when I was in dealing with problems, I will consider the global, and plan every step. In each steps, I will consider differently and try to solve the problem from different angles. This will greatly improve efficiency and make my projects representative more personal identity.

J: Talk about an impressed in-class activity.

A: The activity in the photo is about failure. At that time, our professor wanted students to design a "chain reaction" to achieve their goal with the daily supplies they carried around. Each group experiences success and failure along the way. The activity wants students to learn that after many failures, you should not be afraid of them. Because during the long way to practice in creativity and innovation, people are easy to give up when they find something they came up with is not unique and special at all.

Jieyu Wang is a senior ISA major with a minor in arts management. She comes from China, and has a passion for arts and music.

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