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The Arts at Brick Street

by Patrick Moorhead

To many of the students at Miami University, Brick Street is a second home for some late-night lovers and weekend goers. Brick Street is a college bar that is notorious for being one of the top college bars in the country each year. Brick Street does a good job staying creative and coming up with new weekly events. Each week Brick Street hosts multiple events that bring students together for a fun time. Brick Street hosts a karaoke night every Monday where students can come together and pick songs to sing up on stage. Brick's use of karaoke is very creative in its own because it’s on a Monday night where they know it won’t be as packed as a normal night, but it’s the perfect event to get a group and go have a good time, especially for a birthday. Not only does Brick Street host karaoke every Monday, they also have country night every Wednesday. Country night can consist of a big-name artist that will come in and have a concert in the bar. Brick, however, is more than a bar: it is an arts venue that hosts major artists from across the country. Brick is a music arts venue that brings in artists like Post Malone and Luke Combs.

The business side of Brick relates a lot to AMAE and how Brick must build connections and relationships to bring in big name artists such as Post Malone and Luke Combs. Brick's reputation talks for itself when ticket sales sell out in five minutes every time they have a big name coming to town to perform there. Their Instagram does a very good job promoting all the artists that come to town and videoing students' experiences to then use it to promote more events. Hosting these country nights can get very logistical having to accommodate the artist and all the students that attend the concert. This is more of the business side of Brick because they know how big of an arts venue it is and how many people want to come to their concerts and special events.

If you're looking for new arts experience I recommend checking out Brick and everything it has to offer especially when they are having a concert.

Patrick Moorhead is a junior at Miami University working towards his major in Supply Chain and Operations Management at the Farmer School of Business. Patrick enjoys golfing and hanging out with his friends.


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