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Undecided but not behind: 4 reasons the arts management program is one of the best majors.

By Monet English

The Arts Management Major is one of the best majors for undecided students. I started college as an Architecture Major and felt absolutely sure that would be my career. Fast forward to halfway through my freshman year, I sat across from an advisor with no clue what to do and where to go next. I only knew I DID NOT want to be an architect. I felt like I was falling behind my peers and “wasting” my time. In that advisor meeting, the arts management program was recommended to me. Three years later I’m finishing my college degree, secured a job offer, and credit much of my success to the Arts Management program.

Let’s dive into the four reasons the arts management program is one of the best majors for undecided students!

1. There are Endless Opportunities for Exploration

The Arts Management Program has a wide range of class options from marketing and managing finances to playing instruments and making pottery. These classes give you the opportunity to get a taste of other subjects and see if you’d like to make them your primary major. In addition to a wide range of classes, it also has a strong foundation in creativity meaning each class will give you opportunities to be creative and explore subjects you’re interested in.

2. It’s Compatible with and Complementary to Other Majors

As you explore, you may decide to change your major or add an additional major. In both of these situations the arts management program can be beneficial. The classes you take will teach you skills that help you succeed in any area of study you choose and some of your classes may still count towards other credits in your new major.

3. It Teaches Marketable Skills that Set You Apart from Other Students

As you begin to apply for internships and jobs you will be able to set yourself apart from other applicants by displaying the skills you gained in the arts management program on your resume. Students in the program become strong practitioners of creativity which is a skill sought by 94% of hiring managers. You will also have the opportunity to gain online certifications and can confidently display business knowledge after completing the classes. Having this diverse set of skills is very attractive to employers.

4. It’s a Fast-Growing Program

The Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship Program is the fastest-growing major on campus. We are attracting talented faculty and students from around the world to our program. This means we can create a rich classroom experience and offer innovative classes as we grow. Because our program is rooted in innovation and creativity, we are always looking for students to help us grow and influence the direction of our program. As an undecided student, you can play an important role in that process.

What’s Next

Head to our website and learn more about the art’s management program!

Monet English is a Senior at Miami University double majoring in Strategic Communication and Arts Management. She is from Pickerington, Ohio, and has secured a job at Grace Fellowship in their communications department. Her favorite class in the Arts Management Program was CCA 111 where she learned about the creative process and divergent thinking.


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