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Diary of an Arts Marketing Intern

by Millie West

Dear Reader,

This semester I started a marketing and communications internship with the Miami University Art Museum. Since August I’ve been Learning from their current Coordinator of Marketing and Communications, Sherri Krazl.

I arrived for my shift at 2:00 PM yesterday and finished a draft post for the Art Museum's Instagram. Each week I write a caption for a post and Mrs. Krazl approves it. Once it’s approved I schedule when the post will be published. One aspect of posting that I’m still getting used to is writing with the same tone of voice as the Museum. I’m used to writing short, simple captions for my personal Instagram. The Museum’s captions prioritize the relaying of information to museum regulars and community members so that they are in the loop about upcoming art events. Imagining myself talking in the tone of voice as a salesman or tour guide for the museum helps me to imagine how I should write captions that are both informative and persuasive.

Once my post was drafted, I began work on a blog post for Moments @ MUAM. Writing a blog for the museum has been the most intimidating project yet. It feels more permanent to post a blog post than a social media post, and there’s an expectation to sound professional. I get worried that I don’t know enough or don’t have enough experience to write a good article. What’s been helping me to overcome my worries is taking time to research topics of interest around the museum. From about 3:00-3:45, I read about non-profit organizations the museum partners with as well as the ways they are connected to our current exhibitions. Doing so helped me to take a step back from the stress of finding a topic to see the big picture that I have many topics and resources I can use to write a good article. By the time I got done, it was 4:30 and I left for home for the day.

One of the highlights of working at the museum has been how supportive the staff is. There are a lot of times when my week feels fully booked with school, work, and personal commitments. It’s overwhelming, but I know I can rely on the staff at the museum to help me out when I need it. Mrs. Krazl has especially been a great mentor, teaching me how to market within the branding of the museum, while still giving me the creative freedom to come up with my own designs, concepts, and ideas. Handling stress is worth it when I’m accomplishing work I’m proud of.


Millie West

Millie West is a second-year student in the College of Creative Arts. She is currently studying Art & Architecture History with a Co-major in Arts Management & Entrepreneurship.


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