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Confessions of a Twenty-First Century Opera Singer

by Anna Greco

Opera Singers?

How many people can say they have met an opera singer at Miami University? Not many. But, hello! Now you know one! Opera is a daunting career, so many people might not know what goes into it or the industry. To start breaking it down, there are two parts to being an opera singer. The first being the singer part and the second being the entrepreneur, marketer, accountant, and agent part.

The Second Part of Singing

Part two of being an opera singer is 85% of the career, which is surprising. Once I leave college, it’s expected that I sing beautifully. My success relies on my ability to do the 85% well. In the twenty-first century, it’s crucial to develop marketing skills, especially social media marketing skills. The next generation of audiences are online right now and it’s my job to figure out how to relate to them.

I, also, have to create my own opportunities for these audiences. This part of my career requires me to throw my entrepreneur hat on and give the people something fun and new! One of the projects I worked on recently was an opera, but in the format of a movie! Our movie is going to be accessible all over the country. It’s the little steps to modernize opera that help make it relatable.

Some of the most innovative performances in opera were a result of the pandemic and the arts moving to a virtual setting. A few studio artists at Houston Grand Opera did an ensemble scene with a recorded accompaniment completely virtual! It was so cool to see them do the finale of The Marriage of Figaro with the screen divided to fit all the characters. Time and time again, we see opera singers creating new formats and platforms to deliver opera to!

Opera doesn’t have to be a strict, pretentious experience. With the new age of technology, it can be a multitude of experiences! It’s my job as an entrepreneur and singer to deliver this art to audiences in a way that connects with them where they are.

Anna Greco is an aspiring opera singer studying senior vocal performance and a minor in Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship at Miami University.


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