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Finding the Collaboration in the Co-Major

If you haven’t heard of the arts management co major or minor, I am glad you are reading this. Miami University offers an awesome program that no other school has (or at least I have never heard of).

When I was a freshman I had no idea what I wanted to choose as my major, it was a lot of pressure. By the end of my sophomore year, I chose Strategic Communication. Luckily for me it required another major. When I was looking up majors and minors I didn’t see many that interested me, until arts management.

You might think, why should I pick or consider arts management as a second major or minor? Well, if you have any level of love for the arts this is where you should be. Arts management is a new way of thinking about the arts and business as one. It gives you the skills to be a successful artist, entrepreneur, marketer, manager, and more.

Every class I have taken in Arts Management has connected me to my love for dance, singing, and graphic design. The classes have taught me to think in many different ways and create ideas that I never thought I was capable of creating. Each class is unique and allows you to do awesome projects that really help you become more creative and unique as a person.

I have gotten to work with others to help create graphics for the Arts Management social media sites. Recently I have had the opportunity to plan to start up my own dance studio someday and the rest of the semester I will be looking into what it really will take to make my dance studio the best it can be. I will learn what it takes to own my own business and more.

If you have a passion for the arts, no matter what your primary major is, look into this program and you won’t be disappointed. Give yourself a chance to grow and be creative so you are ready to create your world and think outside the box after you graduate.

This program is still very young. Be one of the students that helps it grow.

Morgan Waltersheide has a passion for the arts. Every summer she enjoys being a director at the performing arts camp, Red Hotz and Lollipops in Dayton, Ohio. She pursuing a degree in Strategic Communication and Arts Management and enjoys her time being a Zumba Instructor at the Rec Center.

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