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The Art of Fashion

The fashion industry has a wide variety of careers, many of which people do not even recognize. As a co-major in fashion entrepreneurship, I do not know how to sew, nor do I look anything like Gigi Hadid or Tyra Banks. The fashion co-major offers three different tracks, including design, corporate business, and entrepreneurship. I chose to follow the latter. Fashion entrepreneurship has allowed me utilize both sides of the brain, the creative and the analytical.

My goal is to ultimately start my own clothing line and the Arts Entrepreneurship and Arts Venture Creation classes have allowed me to develop the skills necessary to do that. Throughout the semester, I turned an idea into sketch and into a website and into business plan, etc. and I plan to expand on this process until I create my brand. While I’ve had this idea for a while, the classes provided tools and resources that pushed me to cultivate each step of the process. The classes follow the concept that what you put in is what you get out of it.

The courses I took at Miami this past semester have expanded my creativity greatly. Between my Creativity and Leadership Entrepreneurship class, Arts Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital, and the Non-Textile Alternative design, I have gained so much inspiration. These have all intertwined in some way and I have grown greatly as a leader while learning a lot about how to be the best version of myself. I think entrepreneurship is an ambiguous subject that can be taught in many ways, but it has been extremely effective in my path of study. Another super valuable part of these creative classes was that the teachers cared about me as a person, as well as a student. It was interesting because I’ve experienced entrepreneurship from both a business and an art’s perspective, but both were just as useful.

Jordan Podojil (Cleveland, OH) is a sophomore studying economics and fashion entrepreneurship with a minor in interactive media studies.

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