July 9, 2018

I’m the youngest person in my very large family, always surrounded by successful and amazing and beautiful people who are constantly achieving things I could never imagine doing myself. As the youngest, it has been difficult to project my voice in the crowd. I know I’m...

June 26, 2018

Being a naïve senior in high school, I remember trying out for the Miami University Dance Team. I remember knowing that they did styles I had never tried before but assumed I would be able to catch on fast; After all, one of my strengths had always been being able to p...

April 16, 2018

When you hear the phrase “Interior Designer” what do you automatically think of? It might be an image of one of the famous HGTV shows that makes their money on renovating homes for couples and families. It might be an image of what you see when you walk into your local...

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