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Teaching artists and arts leaders for the 21st Century

We envision a world where the arts are valued as an integral part of society and recognized for contributing to interdisciplinary problem solving through creativity, empathy, critical thinking, and collaboration. We strive to uphold craft, foundational skills in arts management, and entrepreneurship and innovation as the ideals for what it means to be an artist in the 21st century.

Miami’s Arts Management Program is rooted in interdisciplinary application and combines existing best practices in the field of arts management and administration with emerging trends including Creative Placemaking, Arts + Technology, Arts and Health, Arts Sustainability, Arts for Social Change, and Arts Integration. The program explores the role of the arts beyond the stage and studio and prepares students to tackle global challenges using arts and culture as a catalyst for change. Students are prepared to join an interdisciplinary workforce which focuses on creativity, collaboration, and innovation at the heart of contemporary problem solving.

Arts Entrepreneurship is an emerging field that focuses on developing the entrepreneurial mindset and process. We empower artists to take control of their future career opportunities by leveraging the power and economic impact of the arts and culture industry. Built on the foundations of design thinking, strategy and innovation, arts entrepreneurship explores the creative and gig-based economies while driving students to develop personal brands and new business models that connect their art, artistry, and their passions to real-world opportunities.

We value artists as entrepreneurs and innovators

We value self-efficacy

We value the entrepreneurial mindset and all its creative applications

We value interdisciplinary problem solving

We value beauty and the aesthetic experience

We value the role of the arts in cultural advancement

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